Discover Italy, moments away...

The Italian Forum a jewel within Leichhardt reflecting a sophisticated European design.

Coming down from the Galleria, the Italian Forum’s own version of Rome’s Spanish Steps, you will be magically transported into Italy with touches of Tuscan architecture, colours of tan and burnt red, and a striking space that opens before you.

A stunning setting for designer boutiques offering the cream of European and Australian fashion as well as cafes and restaurants nestled around a truly unique outdoor piazza.

Adjoining these are the Italian Cultural Centre, the home of Actors Centre Australia and proudly owned by, and the Leichhardt Library.

Live and Local

More than simply a performance space, the Italian Forum Cultural Centre is a complete performing & visual arts venue as well as a multi-purpose events & functions facility. Expertly designed to host a variety of event types, the Centre includes Main Performance Hall, Gallery Spaces, Meeting & Conference Rooms plus various other event areas.

The Piazza represents the outdoor extension of the Cultural Centre, a colourful & joyous environment available for a wide variety of uses & event types including market stalls and community events.


The Paizza features a marble fountain dominated by the statue of Dante "the father of the Italian language". Visitors, overseas tourists and children alike love the fountain and this very damp poet – and the broad piazza offers plenty of space for children to relax in.

Sunny and vibrant by day, the piazza is relaxing and romantic, by night with its muted lighting. The Italian Forum’s relaxed ambience of easy living is emphasised by the six-hour clock up above everything which invites visitors to relax, literally, in another time. To come here is to truly experience un mondo Italiano.


The Italian Forum is an alive, pulsating village nestled in the heart of Sydney at Lecihhardt.

Our story begins with an aim to promote the artistic endeavors, customs & traditions of Australia’s unique cultural diversity and to encourage the development of the wider community through the provision of an inspiring environment that will radiate out like the sun to touch the hearts and souls of our local community and beyond.

Our story begins here, and is carried to the ends of the earth through your story, so come and enjoy a slice of Italy as we open our hearts to you.


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