Present with Passion and Purpose


Price: Investment: $400

Tutor: Tony Sloman


4 week package

Package Price:  $400.00 ($350 for Equity Members)
Wednesday 23, 30 March & 6, 13 April 2016
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Present with Passion and Purpose with Tony Sloman is a 4 week program about discovering the pleasure of public speaking. It will teach you how to engage with your audience and to engage with your own messages. We are all born with a unique and authentic voice. When we unlock this voice and learn how to embody it more fully, we will want to speak up.

During the program you will be learning through theory, discussion, reflection and by doing. Speaking publicly is an active process which is learned by experiencing scenarios, being on your feet, trying things out in a safe and supportive environment. PPP will encourage you to extend yourself, take risks, enjoy the process and move beyond your ‘blocks’.

PPP confronts performance anxiety head on, providing techniques, insights and theory to enable you to manage your nerves and use them constructively.

Previous participants have applied the skills to:

  • Delivering speeches and presentations
  • Pitching for business •Leadership
  • Leadership
  • Conducting training
  • Anything that requires communicating to a group

Passion is about connecting with the things that drive us, the things that light us up.
Purpose is about what we choose to do with our passions, it is about driving what we want to achieve.

Venue Sydney
Actors Centre Australia
Italian Forum Cultual Centre 
23 Norton Street
Leichhard, NSW 2040                           

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