Production and Technical Specialist

Megan Heferen

A recent graduate of Actors Centre Australia (ACA), Megan Heferen is delighted to join the production team. She has been a technician in Sydney since moving down to attend ACA in 2021. A passionate creative, Megan wanted to develop a stronger ability to make beautiful theatre, so began to really engage in the technical elements as well.

Megan has worked as a technician for a multitude shows both in and out of ACA including ‘The Laramie Project’ (dir. Adam Cook), Stacks on Productions ‘GlitterPunch’ (Dir. Brittany Santariga), ‘For the Time Being’ (dir. Lachlan Stevenson) and more. She has produced and directed ‘Banana Phone’ and ‘The Partygoers’, two original works, with John Tsakiris, whom she has developed Studio 5 Productions.