Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen)

Degree course

For those committed to the highest-quality industry training available, ACA’s Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen) is our flagship program.

The mission of ACA’s Degree Program is to serve, inspire, support and embolden our creative artists via sector-specific training so that they can enter the performing arts workplace and professionally collaborate and contribute – above industry standard – and at the highest level.

The Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen) degree program is designed and created by Actors Centre Australia, which is accredited by Torrens University Australia and delivered in partnership.

applications close 31 Jan 2023
Three Years, Full-Time
Actors Centre Australia, Leichhardt NSW
Tuition Fees
$78,750 (Fee Help Available)
Intake Date
February 2023

This full-time degree program is a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen) Course Code: BAPEASS18.

The course is taught over three years, divided into 3 x 13 week trimesters. The program is delivered by ACA at our Sydney Campus, with the program accredited and qualifications provided by Torrens University Australia Ltd ABN: 99154937005

The program begins in February.

Contact hours: 2,964 hours

Year 1 & 2 (24 hours per week): 936 hours per year, totaling 1,872 hours (1536 course hours and 336 hours supported rehearsal time)

  • First Year: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8.30am– 6.15pm
  • Second Year: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8.30am – 6.15pm

Year 3 (28 hours per week): 1,092 hours (768 course hours and 324 hours supported rehearsal time)

  • Third Year: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8.30am – 6.15pm, Friday: 8.30am – 1.15pm

Participants should allow 8 hours per week for required outside research and preparation.

Over three inspirational years, participants in our Degree Program will experience a high-powered and practical acting program designed for high achievers. Graduates will step out into the industry well above industry standard and ready to make their professional contribution in stage or screen both nationally and internationally.

Potential students with the following qualities should apply:

  • A deep passion and belief in the power of performance
  • A commitment to contemporary and classic methodologies of training
  • A belief in a rigorous, respectful environment
  • A dedication to embracing the highest professional demands
  • An instinctive curiosity and passion about their artistic calling
  • A keen focus on the industry and on creating a career of which they would be proud

All applicants require:

  • High level of talent and aptitude in the performing arts
  • Good level of fitness
  • High level of English literacy
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older at course commencement
  • Australian passport, proof of Australian citizenship or Australian residency

This Degree Program has been meticulously designed and conceived with each actor’s most extensive learning outcomes and professional results as the prime considerations. We deliver a program of exceptional standing and one that many industry leaders believe is the gold standard in actor training for the performing arts sector.

Three distinct elements set this course apart:

The Philosophy: ACA’s Degree Program embraces an individual’s gifts and honours their personal and artistic journey throughout their training. Participants study in an adult environment — a place of mutual collaboration, respect and support. Our paradigm for learning is: high challenge matched with high support produces high performance.

The Structure: We have structured a unique and flexible schedule that works for everyone. During each working week, two days are spent off campus and can be used to embrace three essential elements:

  1. Time for reflection and digestion
  2. Time for quality research and preparation
  3. Time to work and live

There are three days of classes per week during Years 1 and 2, then three-and-a-half days per week in Year 3. The extra half-day of classes is focused on key areas that directly reflect the upcoming demands of the industry. By maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, you can avoid stress and overload and therefore fully embrace the quality training offered. This unique structure also serves to accelerate and deepen your learning.

The Delivery: The way we learn has an enormous influence on what we learn. This program uses learning techniques that open up possibilities within each actor and salutes the very best in each individual. Peak performance is our focus through an active, dynamic and consistent learning environment, matching rigour with achievement at every opportunity.

Each year is dedicated to specific skills and outcomes. The structure is unique to this course and is built as follows:

First Year: Personal Preparation & Process

Your first year is a rigorous and enlightening process of discovery. Find your voice, claim your space, trust your instinct, open your heart, and understand, affirm and celebrate the reasons why acting is a vital and important component in your life.

Second Year: Performance Development & Consolidation

With your foundational skills in place, your second year is a chance to explore and experience the demands and the power of live performance. This is the time to truly embrace the depth and range demanded by the playwright, character, dramatic situation and director by accessing all areas of your abilities and potential.

You will also be introduced to camera work this year so that you can begin to understand and develop the skills required for the essential medium of screen.

Third Year: Industry Alignment & Refinement

This is where the innovation driving this program really comes into its own. Return after your break for the final year of subjects, which are dedicated to your knowledge of, and initiation into, the professional arena.

Spend three invaluable trimesters preparing how you will conduct your business as an artist and discovering how to best create and manage your career.

You will do this in consultation with prominent industry guests who will address all facets of the industry, including casting, agents, directors, short film-making, marketing, funding, sponsorship, touring, start-up information and self-management.

The television and film training steps up into a far stronger focus and is an essential skill for every actor. The final three trimesters of the course have screen acting as a major component, so you will graduate with the necessary stage and screen skills required for a successful and sustainable career.

ACA’s mission statement is:

“To enliven the soul of society through the power of the performing arts.”

ACA was built upon the belief in the transformational capacity of performance, the enrichment of the human experience and of each person’s true potential realized through performing arts education.

We believe everyone has vast natural talents and untapped potential. To us, inspiration is the key to transformation, and we encourage everyone to go beyond their expectations and excel.

ACA provides a rigorous, vibrant, high challenge/high support environment, where everyone is encouraged class by class, to support themselves and each other 100%, so real achievement is possible within every opportunity.

Our Commitment:

  • We deliberately limit our class sizes to create a personalised, dynamic and productive environment. Much of the Degree Program is taught with split classes and also incorporate private one-on-one voice and singing tutorials.
  • Our world-class tutors are as passionate about the art of teaching as they are about the art of acting. Students are encouraged, supported and challenged to continually move beyond their perceived limits.
  • Each of your tutors will inspire a continual sense of wonder about the power of the performing arts. Anyone looking to develop their acting, self-expression or performance skills will find ACA’s vibrant environment exciting and stimulating.

Most artists in training only get one opportunity to embrace full-time career training. This is the time to take you further than you might have thought possible through focused, integrated and intensive learning. This is matched with ongoing powerful and sustained onstage performance experiences, which build over our 3-year structure to have each student graduate ready to make their mark and contribution and be of service.

Employment Outcomes

Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen) and will be equipped with above-industry standards and skills, meaning that upon graduation they have the potential to progress into a professional career in the stage and screen industries, nationally or internationally.

Students will complete their training with:

  • Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen)
  • Industry showcase performances for agents, casting directors, directors from theatre, film & television and other invited VIP industry guests
  • A graduate showreel package including a showreel scene and on-screen monologues, headshots and voice-over reel. These are given to all industry invitees on a USB and sent to all important employers and production houses across Australia.
  • Showcast online listing as an ACA Graduate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 10×8 headshot

Every member of the ACA team – from course leaders and specialist tutors to behind-the-scenes support staff – contributes to the environment of excellence to which we are all committed at ACA. They are also proud to align themselves with ACA’s values and mission. Every person shares the deepest commitment to the industry and to ensuring Australian and International actors receive the very best training that is possible.

Executive Teaching Team:

  • Adam Cook – Head of Acting, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen), Senior Learning Facilitator
  • Anthony Skuse – Head of Performance, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen)
  • Dean Carey – Director of Programs, Senior Learning Facilitator
  • Jennifer West – Head of Voice, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen)
  • Johann Walraven – Associate Director, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen), Head of Acting, Foundation Program, Senior Learning Facilitator
  • Kate Sherman – Head of Movement, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen)
  • Troy Harrison – Head of Acting, International Program

ACA Tutors

  • Craig Baldwin – acting
  • Claudia Barrie – acting
  • Richard Carroll – acting
  • Julia Cotton – movement
  • Margi De Ferranti – singing
  • Pip Edwards – acting for camera
  • Kim Hardwick – acting
  • Troy Harrison – acting
  • Genevieve Hegney – acting for camera
  • Abbe Holmes – voice-over
  • Robert Jago – acting for camera
  • Bev Kennedy – singing
  • Shy Magsalin – movement
  • Penny Martin – movement
  • Robert Maxwell – voice
  • Jonathan Mill – acting, voice
  • Caroline Mooney – movement
  • John O’Hare – acting
  • Lyn Pierse – improvisation
  • Nigel Poulten – movement
  • Shaun Rennie – acting
  • Monica Sayers – movement
  • Kate Sherman – Head of Movement
  • Anthony Skuse – Head of Performance
  • Maeliosa Stafford – acting
  • Cristabel Sved – acting
  • Clara Voda – acting
  • Johann Walraven – acting
  • Jennifer West – Head of Voice
  • Scott Witt  – stage combat

Year 1

Class Work: Voice, Movement, Mask, Creative State, Language Power, Performance Practices, Improvisation and Acting Laboratory, which may include – Stanislavsky, Benedetti, Spolin, Laban, Chekhov, and Johnstone

Presentations: Mask, Movement Duets, Animal Observation, Sonnets

Public Performances: Movement Solos, Australian Scene work, Devised Theatre Project

Year 2

Class Work: Voice, Movement, Shakespeare, Mask, Character, Performance Practices, Camera, Acting, Improvisation, Script Analysis, Singing, Accents, Stage Combat

Presentations: Mask, Shakespeare Scenes, Musical Duets

Public Performances: Character Monologue, Voice & Physical Theatre Performance, Realism Theatre Project, Shakespeare Theatre Project

Year 3

Class Work: Screen Acting, Screen Testing, Audition Technique, Industry Guest Interface, Performance Lab, Accents, Singing, Showreel, Stage Combat, as well as continuing core Voice and Movement classes.

Presentations: Singing Solos, Musical Theatre Dance Audition, Industry Show Reel, and One Act Self-Generated Plays

Public Performances: American Theatre Project, Graduation Play, Industry Showcase/Agents Day.

Audition and Application Process

Application for entry to the ACA Degree Program is via online application and live audition or digital audition.  Live auditions conducted in Sydney.

Approximately 26 students are accepted into Year One.  ACA honours our contract and commitment to each and every one of them. Our aim is to graduate every student at industry standard to each individual’s highest level of artistic and personal excellence.

The audition panel will generally consist of the Head of Acting, along with Heads of Departments and various members of the Executive Teaching Team.

  • A non-refundable application fee of $75 (incl. GST) applies.
  • Audition sessions are allocated on a strictly ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • If you are unable to attend a particular audition session, ACA will do its best to accommodate you. for those auditioning from interstate, auditions can take place online via ZOOM.

Please allow approximately 4 hours for the audition. There are two sessions each day beginning at 9am and 2pm.

Callback Workshops are the next stage in the audition process. You will be contacted if we require you to attend this round of workshops. These will include improvisation, body and vocal exercises. Please allow up to 5 hours for a Callback Workshop.

What you will need for the audition:

For us to best respond to your work, we require two contrasting pieces of your choice – one Shakespearean piece and one modern or contemporary piece (1900 – present). Each choice should be no more than two and a half minutes and should reflect the kind of roles in which you see yourself being cast.

The audition environment will be supportive and dynamic, allowing you to be fully effective and to work with pride. Please wear comfortable attire that you are able to move freely in.

Application Process

If you have read and agree with the information provided above, please complete the online form.

Payment must be made directly following the submission of your application form. Please have your credit/debit card ready.

Please complete the application form in full with a digital headshot or passport photo attached and an application payment. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Within 5 working days of your submission, you will be emailed a confirmation letter with an allocated audition session to attend.



For those unable to attend our Sydney auditions, we also accept Online Digital Auditions.

Your recording must be submitted with the application form by the application closing date but please send them in as early as possible so that you will have plenty of time to plan your trip to Sydney if you are invited to the recall stage. 

To apply for ACA’s Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen) program please complete the online application form and send or upload a filmed self-test audition which includes:

  • An introduction to yourself including your name, age, and where you’re from (30 sec max).
  • Why you believe this program is suited for you (45 sec max).
  • A very brief introduction to your chosen piece i.e. character name, title of the play and the author.
  • Note: Your audition pieces can be either dramatic or comic and a Shakespearean monologue and a modern/contemporary theatre monologue. Each piece should be two and a half minutes at most, and involve roles in which you could conceivably be cast. Quality of footage simply needs clear vocals, sufficient light, and to be shot on an iPhone or Android.

Once you’ve captured the takes which best represent you, either upload them as a private and password-protected Vimeo or YouTube video using the password “Bachelor” and send us the link with your application form OR burn the footage to a DVD and post it to us at ACA Sydney PO Box 361, Leichhardt, NSW 2040.

FEEHELP is available for this program through Torrens University. To check your eligibility please go to,


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