The Foundation Program

Our Foundation Course


Be inspired by the most experienced ACA staff, and be a part of our rich and vibrant culture, where your supported learning and performance outcomes are our sole consideration.

The Foundation Program has two intakes each year in January and July.

Take the first step towards your acting dreams by applying to ACA’s Foundation Program today – where your acting potential takes centre stage.

*This is a non-accredited course.


Apply Now for January 2024


20 Weeks


Actors Centre Australia, Leichhardt NSW

Tuition Fees

Now $6,999 (usually $7,990.00)


Audition and secure your position before December 20th, 2023, to receive an additional $500 savings, bringing the total course cost to $6,499!

January 2024 Intake Commences

22nd January

January 2024 Intake Final Showing

15th June


Over 20 weeks you will be inspired by the most experienced tutors ACA has on staff. The program will only be offered to those who show the talent and aptitude, as well as the potential and promise, to take the next step in their career journey. This program will be your best next step to gain entry into a full-time course in Australia or overseas or to accelerate your training to enter the profession.

As a Foundation Program Company Member, you form a major part of the ACA family.

For every ACA internal show or event as well as for as many external events as possible, each Foundation Program Company Member will receive TWO FREE tickets to each show and event, so as to connect with the incredible performance experiences here on site.

There will also be special events designed solely for The Foundation Program Members to both accelerate and inspire your training with us.


Qualifications / Prerequisites

Students with these qualities should apply:

  • a passion and belief in the power of performance
  • a commitment to modern contemporary training
  • a belief in a rigorous, respectful environment
  • a dedication to embracing professional demands
  • a deep curiosity and passion about your artistic calling, and
  • a dedication to the industry and to creating a career of which you would be proud

Applicants need:

  • A high level of talent and aptitude in the performing arts
  • A good level of fitness
  • A high level of English literacy
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older at course commencement
  • Australian passport, Australian residency or appropriate visa for domestic study for the duration of the course


ACA’s Foundation Program has been meticulously designed and conceived with each actor’s most extensive learning outcomes and professional results as the prime considerations.

Three distinct elements set this course apart:

The Philosophy: ACA’s Foundation Program embraces your gifts and honours your personal and artistic journey throughout your training. You study in an adult environment – a place of mutual collaboration, respect and support. ACA’s paradigm for learning is: high challenge matched with high support produces high performance.

The Structure: We have structured a unique and flexible schedule that works for you, offering:

  • time for reflection and digestion
  • time for quality research and preparation
  • time to work and to live

By maintaining a balanced and healthy life, you can avoid stresses and overload that can accompany more full-time study and, therefore, fully embrace the quality training offered. This unique structure also serves to accelerate and deepen your learning.

The Delivery: The way we learn has an effect on what we learn. Our program uses learning techniques that open up possibilities within each actor and salute the very best in each individual. Peak performance is our focus through an active, dynamic, and productive learning environment, matching rigour with achievement at every step. The course is split into 4 Stages of 5 weeks duration.

Each stage has its dedicated core subjects and performance outcomes. Creating an acting foundation with the bedrock skills required to take every aspect of acting understanding to a new level of rigorous achievement for every participant.

Culture / Commitment / Employment Outcomes

ACA’s mission statement is:

“To enliven the soul of society through the power of the performing arts.”

ACA was built upon the belief in the transformational capacity of performance, the enrichment of the human experience and of each person’s true potential realized through performing arts education.

We believe everyone has natural talent and untapped potential. To us, inspiration is the key to transformation, and we encourage everyone to go beyond their expectations and excel.

ACA provides a rigorous, vibrant, high challenge/high support environment, where everyone is encouraged class by class to support themselves and each other 100% so real achievement is possible within every opportunity.

Our Commitment:

  • We deliberately limit our class sizes to create a personalised, dynamic and productive environment
  • Our world-class tutors are as passionate about the art of teaching as they are about the art of acting. Students are encouraged, supported and challenged to continually move beyond their perceived limits.
  • Each of your tutors will inspire a continual sense of wonder about the power of the performing arts. Anyone looking to develop their acting, self-expression or performance skills will find ACA’s vibrant environment exciting and stimulating.

This is the time and opportunity to take you further than you might have thought possible through focused, integrated and intensive learning, matched with powerful and sustained onstage and onscreen performance experiences.

Employment Outcomes

Australia’s leading Foundation Program will take each individual to a far deeper understanding of his/her craft and skill-set as well as open up new possibilities within each actor so the work can speak boldly, passionately and securely through them.

You will conclude your program with more:

  • Creative freedom and release
  • Personal confidence and improved communication
  • Authenticity and connectivity
  • Live, on-stage performance experiences
  • Focus and drive
  • Rehearsal techniques
  • Acting experience for stage and screen
  • Imagination and openness

Executive Teaching Team

Your Executive Teaching Team will include:

  • Johann Walraven – Associate Director, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen), Head of Acting, Foundation Program, Senior Learning Facilitator
  • Troy Harrison – Head of Acting, International Programs



Mon – Thursday 6.30 – 10pm
Saturday 10am – 5:30pm

Stage One

Subjects: acting, voice, body, improvisation, language power, stage combat, creative state, character

Presentations: stage combat

Stage Two

Subjects: acting, voice, body, improvisation, language power, sonnets, Shakespeare, singing, character

Presentations: sonnets

Stage Three

Subjects: acting, voice, body, improvisation/comedy, language power, screen, Shakespeare, mask, singing, scene work

Presentations: singing/Shakespeare

Stage Four

Subjects: acting, voice, body, improvisation/comedy, language power, screen, Chekov, scene work

Presentations: scene work public performance/screen showing

Audition and Access / Entry Criteria

Application via Digital Audition/Submission:

To apply for ACA’s Foundation Program please send or upload a filmed self-test/audition which includes:

  • An introduction to yourself including your name, age, and where you’re from (30 sec max)
  • Why you believe this program is your best next career step (30 sec max.)
  • A very brief introduction to your chosen piece i.e. character name, title of the play and the author.
  • Note: Your audition piece can be either dramatic or comic and either a Shakespearean monologue OR a modern/contemporary theatre or film monologue. The piece should be two and half minutes max and involve a role in which you could conceivably be cast. Quality of footage simply needs clear vocals, sufficient light and shot on an iPhone or Android.

Once you’ve captured the take which best represents you, either upload it as a private and password-protected Vimeo or YouTube video using the password “Foundation” and send us the link with your application form OR burn the footage to a DVD and post it to us at ACA Sydney PO Box 361, Leichhardt, NSW 2040.

We look forward to viewing your work.

Application process:

  1. Proceed to the application form on our website.
  2. Complete the online form (incomplete application forms will not be accepted).
  3. Include a digital headshot or passport photo with your application payment. Your application cannot be processed unless it is complete.
  4. You will be emailed a confirmation letter within 5 working days of your submission.

Tuition Fees and Payment Structure

2022 Price: $7,990.00

Payment for the course can be made in instalments:

$1,990 to be paid 3 weeks before course commencement.
$2,000 at the completion of stage one.
$2,000 at the completion of stage two.
$2,000 prior to the completion of stage three.

If you wish to discuss alternate payment instalments, please email