Get to know the class of 2025

Get to know our First Years!

Introducing some of the amazing class of 2025…find out what they have learnt so far and what they are most looking forward to sinking their teeth into…

Victoria: “So far, we’ve been working on the basics towards building a strong ensemble and i’m definitely looking forward to Australian scenes!”

Norah: “One thing that stood out for me was Anthony Skuse saying ‘allow yourself to feel seen’. That’s probably one of the few times I’ve felt seen. Coming from a TV production background, I’m used to being behind the camera (which I’ve been doing for 13 years), so breaking out of that will take some work. I’m looking forward to learning more performance practice and how to be faster at playing wah, bang and ninja.”

Finn: “I have learnt a lot about mindfulness and breathing techniques which have already transferred over into my life outside of acting. I have also learnt about some of the fundamental components which make up acting and the philosophy behind what actors do. I am most looking forward to being able to perform in-front of an audience and grow closer with my cohort.”

Laila: “I’ve learnt how to pronounce ‘Iphigenia’ and look forward to learning how to be confident in my physicality as an actor”

Ella W: “We’re only a few classes in, and already ACA has provided us with some incredible learning opportunities. We have already had the opportunity to explore making and accepting offers, discover how to utilise our breath to inform our relationships with scenarios/scenes and have been getting used to being weird and vulnerable with our cohort. I am so looking forward to opening myself up to new experiences and the opportunity to fail gloriously. I’m especially excited to explore my body in our movement classes and what it can be pushed to do. I am already loving our introduction to yoga in movement, so I can’t wait to dive into this a little deeper throughout the year.”

Lily: “So far I’ve learnt that I definitely struggle with focus and have been trying to navigate that through the exercises we do in class. I’m definitely looking forward to creating a strong ensemble within my year. I already think we are very much on the way and I can’t wait to be able to perform with these people!”

Libby: “I’ve learnt so much and it’s not even the end of week two! I’ve learnt about the power of shared focus and a shared or common goal and that the people and support network at ACA is like no other. I’ve also learnt that I’ll be doing a lot of unlearning in regards to my preconceived notion’s of acting and what it is to be in the performing arts industry. I’m looking forward to the self discovery and self development that is to come, understanding that with more awareness comes more choice and to see my fellow actors do their thing!”

Clyde: “I’m still building a non-stop idea towards the way ACA teaches because it intensifies after every class. it’s difficult to say what an Actor is learning here because if the fire is inside you when you start, you’re in a constant state of unlearning. But overarching things include teaching ourselves, learning ourselves, living in truth… Deconstructing this takes time and a year of it will absolutely fill my craft with more passion, which is what I’d like to learn this year – fuelling my passion.”

Great to have these gorgeous people in ACA HQ and we look forward to seeing you learn and grow!

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