Interview: Erin Reedie on Piccolo Ponies and Studying at ACA

On 20 April, Actors Centre Australia (ACA) graduate Erin Reedie takes centre stage with her beloved companion in Piccolo Ponies, in partnership with ACA Wheelhouse.

Dive into our interview to discover the fascinating tales of life both on and off the stage with a miniature pony, and the enchanting experiences awaiting children and parents in Piccolo Ponies.

Plus, gain insights into why Erin chose ACA, and get some valuable tips for those considering a study in acting!

ACA: Tell us about Piccolo Ponies! What can audiences expect?

Erin: I founded Piccolo Ponies in 2020 to share my fantasy-based children’s content with Australian kids. The shows I perform primarily feature two characters, the bubbly Fairy Erin and her magical companion, Unicorn Piccolo (realised on stage by my real miniature pony, Piccolo). We have shared our musical show with various pre and primary schools across Australia, performed at countless children’s events, and conducted voluntary equine-assisted therapy visits at nursing homes and hospitals.

Our content has been promoted in Highlife Magazine, performed for sold-out crowds at the Sydney Fringe Festival and most recently featured on Network Ten’s morning talk show Studio 10, where we showcased our work and Piccolo demonstrated his various tricks.

I have written and designed this show to ignite children’s imaginations and encourage them to sing and dance all while on a magical quest through Fairyland together. It is simply impossible to sit through this show without smiling- even for the grown-ups!

Piccolo is my best friend, standing at only 80 cm tall. While he may be small he is full of love and joy. I trained Piccolo myself using natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement clicker training. Piccolo can do all sorts of tricks including painting, playing piano, waving and more. He is a kind, clever, once in a lifetime pony, and together we have built a bond based on trust, carrots and lots of cuddles!

ACA: Any favourite memories from performing Piccolo Ponies?

Erin: Working with children and animals means I am always on my toes. I love that no two shows are ever the same- little Piccolo loves to improvise and so do I. I love watching children’s faces light up with joy while we perform!

I also have treasured memories of conducting equine-assisted therapy sessions with Piccolo. Ponies have an amazing effect on our well-being, and seeing the joy that Piccolo brings to people is truly special. Often, I work with people with dementia who have not pat a pony since they were young. When they meet Piccolo, they suddenly recall fond memories of the horses and ponies they knew while growing up. I love hearing their stories.

ACA: You’re a 2022 ACA graduate. Why did you choose to study at ACA?

Erin: ACA has a strong reputation for skilled and talented artists and impressive alumni. But more importantly, ACA fosters a kind and supportive environment that I believe is essential in acting training. ACA is dedicated to ensuring the success and learning of their students.

ACA: What was your favourite ACA experience, and why?

Erin: Too many to count! I loved performing as ‘Emma Wiggle’ for an assignment in character class. This exercise gave me the courage and confidence I needed to create my content for children.

I got to perform in such plays as Pride and Prejudice 2.0 (dir. Adam Cook), A Moment on the Lips (dir. Claudia Barrie), Anna Karenina (dir. Clara Voda) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (dir. Claudia Barrie).

I am also so lucky to have made lifelong friends during my time at  ACA.

ACA: Any advice for someone looking to audition for ACA?

Erin: Choose monologues that excite you and don’t give up. I auditioned for acting school for three years before being accepted. You can do it!

ACA: What’s on the horizon for you?

Erin: Piccolo Ponies will continue to spread the joy of imagination with Australian children.. we have lots of exciting projects in the works!

I am also delighted to be engaging, performing and further developing my craft in the performing arts industry.

ACA: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Erin: It is because of my time at ACA that I was able to pursue my dreams of performance. ACA encourages and supports each of their students while fostering their creativity. I am forever thankful for the education, belief, love and support that I received from the entire community at ACA. It has quite simply changed my life!

Thanks to Erin for sharing her story, we can’t wait to see you on stage with Piccolo!

Curious about the production? Join Fairy Erin and her unicorn, Piccolo, as they embark on a musical journey through Fairyland, featuring brand-new original kids’ music! Watch as Piccolo, a real miniature pony, showcases his tricks, unveiling the magic of imagination for all to enjoy.

Erin, through her expertise in natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement clicker training, personally trained Piccolo. This captivating show is tailored for preschool-aged children and anyone young at heart!

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