Associate Director, Bachelor of Performing Arts

Johann Walraven

Since graduating from NIDA in Acting, Johann has appeared as Vincent Van Gogh in Vincent in Brixton (Ensemble), Mother Church in The Rood Screen (Darlinghurst Theatre), Ethelred in Silence, and Jack in Checklist for an Armed Robber (Belvoir) Mike in Dinner and Boy in Summer (Griffin), Rotin Features of Blown Youth, Hamlet in Hamlet, Semyon in Dying For It (New Theatre), Will and Donny in The Carnivores (TRS), Jaques in As You Like It (Shakespeare Centre), Adam in Alaska (ATYP), Rolandin Behind These Lines(The Tunnel Project), Narrator in Angry Harriet (Drop Bear Theatre), Hamlet in Hamlet (Harlos) and Hamilton in The Best Brothers (Old 505) amongst other things. Other roles include TV performances in Fireflies, Home and Away, All Saints, Underbelly, Rescue Special Ops, Rake, the U.S feature film Stealth, and numerous short films, TVC’s & music videos.