Inga Romantsova

Inga Romantsova is a highly accomplished professional in the fields of acting, teaching, and research with extensive international experience in theatre and film. She holds a master’s degree in Acting for Film and Theatre from the prestigious St. Petersburg Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, where she trained under Larisa Malevannaya. Furthering her education, she obtained a Master of Arts in Theatre and Film from the University of New South Wales and an MPhil in Drama from the University of Newcastle Australia.

With a career that has taken her to Russia, Israel, and Australia, Inga has collaborated with respected organisations such as the Bell Shakespeare Company, Sydney Art Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre Company, and NIDA. Her notable achievements include her performance as Jessica in Richard Werrett’s production of The Merchant of Venice and receiving the People’s Choice Award while still at university. Recent notable projects include the highly acclaimed film Petrol(2022), written and directed by Alena Lodkina, where she showcased her talents in two languages. Inga has also acted in Hollywood successful productions such as Happy Feet (2006) and Mystery of Nathalie Wood (2012), working with legends filmmakers: Peter Bogdanovic, George Miller and the documentalist Karen Pearlman

In her work, Inga has partnered with well-known actors like Tony Collette, Ruth Cracknell, Caroline Brazier, upcoming stars of Nathalie Morris across various mediums including theatre, voice-overs, radio plays, and films in multiple languages. She has also been involved in organizing and performing in productions at the Sydney Art Theatre, such as Gunter’s Wife and the adaptation of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

In the realm of academia and research, Inga explores theatricality through Stanislavsky’s principles, presenting her findings at international conferences and getting her work published in Stanislavsky Studies by Routledge. She is an active participant in the Stanislavsky Research Centre and the Australasian Association of Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies, engaging in scholarly discussions on the connection between mindfulness and performance.

As an educator, Inga has taught at reputable institutions including the University of Newcastle, ATYP, STS and the Australian Institute of Music. Her teaching style is known for its personalised approach and efficacy, earning her an Honour’s Teaching Certificate from the University of Newcastle in 2012. Inga’s structured training programs, which incorporate techniques from Stanislavsky, Vachtangov, Meyerhold, and M. Chekhov, have had a significant impact on contemporary acting methodologies at different institutions and the success of her students both professionally and personally.