2020 Graduate

Arkia Ashraf

An avid cinephile, Arkia’s love of cinema led him to pursue an acting career. During his time at ACA, Arkia has also developed a passion for theatre, having played a variety of stage roles including Robert Sideway in Our Country’s Good (dir. Adam Cook), Menelaus in The Trojan Women (dir. Adam Cook), Jackie in The Motherfu*ker with the Hat, (dir. Troy Harrison), Malvolio in Twelfth Night (dir. Adam Cook), Rodrigo in The Rover (dir. Claudia Barrie), Oscar Wilde in The Importance of Being Wilde (dir. Maeliosa Stafford) and Pale in Burn This (dir. Anthony Gooley). Upon graduation, Arkia looks forward to pursuing acting opportunities on stage and screen as well as creating his own work.


Live Theatre Scene

Screen Tests