2020 Graduate

Rebekah Dove

Growing up in Thirlmere, NSW, Rebekah attended the University of Wollongong to complete a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English Literature and minoring in Theatre and Visual Arts. Rebekah has also been involved in a small theatre group in Picton called STADS which then developed into an agency. As a part of the agency she was involved in a documentary called Beneath Black Skies and a short film Rites of Passage.

After completing her degree, Rebekah moved to London to explore a range of short courses including P.E.M. (Perdekamp Emotional Method) and Brian Timoney’s Method Acting 3-day intensive workshop. During her time at ACA, Rebekah has played Catherine in The Great and Dolores in Dolores (dir. Troy Harrison), Helen in Women of Troy & Liz Mordern in Our Country’s Good (dir. Adam Cook), Maria in Love’s Labour’s Lost (dir. Jennifer West) and Toni in Appropriate (dir. Francesca Savage). Rebekah looks forward to entering the industry with an open mind and an eager heart full of experience and knowledge.


Live Theatre Scene

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