2023 Graduate


Stevie knew that this creative pursuit was for her at the age of 10, when she saw Margot Robbie land a role (Donna Freedman) in Neighbours back in 2008, sparking every fibre of her being to want to act and tell stories, even if it meant telling them in a place that wasn’t Ramsay Street. Since then, Stevie has taken a passionate interest in all things comedy, acting, writing and creating.

After Covid took her back home to Sydney in 2020 after using her dual citizenship to pursue acting in London, Stevie decided to study close to family and friends, making Actors Centre Australia her home for the next three years. Stevie reflects on her time at ACA as being the most wonderfully gruelling, challenging and rewarding three years of her life, pushing her to do things she never thought she was capable of and shaping her into the artist and storyteller she so desperately always wanted to be.

Stevie’s roles at ACA include Olivia in Twelfth Night, Natasha inThree Sisters, Mary Warren in The Crucible, Jack in A Conversation, Nina/Miss Beverly in Toy Symphony, Juror 10 in Twelve Angry Men and Billy Downs/Jacob Huysmans in The Libertine.


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