Dec 2022 Graduate


Growing up in Canberra, Angharad at the age of 20 took a playwriting class and discovered their love for absurd ism. This prompted them to write their first play The Table which stemmed from the thought “what if Stalin and Mao sat at a table?” Hooked on the idea of power, the human condition and how far relationships can be stretched inspired them to write their second piece, Undetermined Title.

With music a big part of their current creative process and informing their story, Angharad aims next to devise a piece aroundmovement. Being Gender Diverse, writing is a way they can experiment with identity, playing with age, gender, time & place, all these titles that give us and our world meaning.

During their time at ACA they have played the following roles: Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Victoria in A Moment on the Lips (dir. Claudia Barrie), Schaaf in A Month in the Country (dir. Maeliosa Stafford), Jake in Consent (dir. Katy Fitzgerald) andvarious roles in Love and Information (dir. Alexander Berlage).


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