Dec 2022 Graduate


Born and raised in Sydney’s inner-west, Eleanor’s love of acting began when they performed in their Year 6 production Melodrama. At Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, Eleanor performed in plays such as The Crucible and The 39 Steps, as well as a dramatized rendition of “Kubla Khan”, and showcases of Improvisation and Mime technique.

After graduating from high school, Eleanor was cast in Spark Youth Theatre’s fledgling Ensemble company, established by Felicity Nicol.

Since beginning their journey at ACA, Eleanor has relished the opportunity to explore more ways of developing their voice as a queer artist. Eleanor has had the joy of taking on the roles of Damien in Ruben Guthrie (dir. Troy Harrison), Gabrielle (Older) in When the Rain Stops Falling (dir. Adam Cook), Rosalind in As You Like It (dir. Adam Cook), Karenin in Anna Karenina (dir. Clara Voda), Jamie in Time Stands Still (dir. Kim Hardwick), Simon in The Treatment (dir. Estelle Halabi), and performed various roles in Love and Information (dir. Alexander Berlage).

Eleanor has developed a keen interest in Shakespeare and poetic techniques, as well as a deeper love for storytelling through other forms of text and movement-based mediums.


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