Dec 2022 Graduate


Izak is a Singaporean-Australian actor, singer, and comedian. Although he was born and raised in Singapore, unfortunately he isn’t crazy or rich, just (proudly) Asian.

After finishing high school at the Singapore American School, Izak entered the Singapore Police Force for two years. When off-duty, he worked with the Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity and the Young Company, a division of Singapore Repertory Theatre. He went on to star in 1984 (dir. Daniel Jenkins) as part of the Young Company and then worked as an Entertainment Performer at Universal Studios, Singapore.

In 2020, Izak’s move to Australia to train at ACA proved fruitful as his roles at ACA included James Jr in Concussion (dir. Johann Walraven), Barney in Kid Stakes (dir. Jonathan Mill), Bolshintsov in A Month in the Country (dir. Maeliosa Stafford), Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (dir. Claudia Barrie), Rothko in Red (dir. Troy Harrison), John in The Treatment (dir. Estelle Halabi) and Joshua/Gerry in Cloud 9 (dir. Cristabel Sved).

When Izak isn’t cracking jokes or preparing himself for his next role, he enjoys singing, comedy, writing, art and making people happy. He looks forward to using his craft both in Australia and internationally.


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