May 2022 Graduate

Callum Stephen

The Sydney born actor fell in love with storytelling from a young age. From playing dress ups with his sisters, to finding his love for language whilst reading Shakespeare, in his early years of high school. 

Callum would soon gravitate to pursue the craft of acting, developing and further broadening his understandings towards the nuisances of listening and being present. 

As Callum entered his HSC years, his elective of drama became a source of inspiration. Through his work he was nominated for OnSTAGE, which is the Department of Education’s way of acknowledging outstanding achievement in this subject. 

Leaving school, he ventured straight into ACA to begin a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen), where he strove for an independence, letting his passion and instincts become the journey, absorbing all the material and advice he encountered along the way. 

During his time at ACA, Callum has had the privilege of playing complex and charismatic characters such as Solyony – Three Sisters (dir. Sam Trotman), Mack – Dons Party (dir. Jonathan Mill), Romeo – Romeo & Juliet (dir. Craig Baldwin), Valentine Coverley & Captain Brice – Arcadia (dir. Adam Cook), Bobbie – North of Providence (dir. Troy Harrison), Pig/Dionysus – A Mouthful of Birds (dir. Lucy Burke), Jake in Banging Denmark (dir. Johann Walraven). 

He is grateful for the insights his peers and tutors have provided him to support his growth in the craft and his understanding of literature & art. 

Callum is now bursting at the seams to make his mark on the industry. 



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