May 2022 Graduate

Catherine Tomsen

Born in Australia and raised in New Zealand, Catherine enjoyed making plays with her sister and performing them for their father against his wishes. Seeking a more receptive audience, Catherine began part-time training at AYA after school. From there, her passions were actualised, bringing her overseas to pursue acting full time at ACA. Supporting herself in Sydney by being a professional birthday clown, Cat is no stranger to patience, drive and thinking on her feet. 

Prior to ACA her credits include: The Curious Savage (Titirangi Theatre Company), Alice (Auckland Theatre Company/Uta Plate), Henry V (Pop Up Globe Season I/Grae Burton). 

During her time at ACA, Cat has had the pleasure of playing an assortment of roles including Darlene in Hurlyburly (dir. Kim Hardwick), Fairy Wren in Concord Floral (dir. Noah Martin), Iphigenia in The Iphigenia Quartet (dir. Claudia Barrie), Annie in Love (dir. Amy Sole), Ophelia in Hamlet (dir. Anthony Skuse), Kristine in A Doll’s House (dir. Francesca Savage), Lady Anne in Richard III (dir. Damien Ryan), Kerry in Don’s Party (dir. Jonathan Mill), and Woman in Who’s Afraid Of The Working Class? (dir. Troy Harrison). 


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