May 2022 Graduate

Lucy Webster

Raised on a farm on the outskirts of Sydney, Lucy grew up riding horses with her family, she is very much a cowgirl at heart. It was at a very young age that it became obvious Lucy wanted to perform. Young Lucy would put on plays and concerts daily in her living room (or in a paddock and barn), insisting that the whole family pay attention. As this love for performing began to build, Lucy invested a lot of her time in singing and was first in line to pursue opportunities in every school musical and stage production. During high school, Lucy began regular screen classes. This included short courses at NIDA, and a six week intensive with Andrew Lloyde. As soon as Lucy graduated from school, she was quick to pack her bags and move to the city to pursue her passions. 

During her training at ACA Lucy has had the opportunity to explore her range through characters such as Masha in Three Sisters (dir. Sam Trotman), Desdemona in Othello (dir. Damien Ryan), Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (dir. Craig Baldwin), Jody in Dons Party (dir. Jonathan Mill), Monika in After Dinner (dir. Johann Walraven), Menelaus in Agamemnon – The Iphigenia Quartet (dir. Claudia Barrie) and Judy in Women of Manhattan (dir. Kim Hardwick). 

ACA has given Lucy the chance to dive into her craft and explore different aspects of the industry. Throughout her time, she has gained a newfound passion for creating and directing, whilst also continuing to further develop her love for storytelling. She is extremely eager to enter the industry and see what comes next. 


Live Theatre Scene

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