May 2022 Graduate

Noah Martin

From a young age Noah knew that with the power of a pink tutu and a Leo rising’s flair for the dramatic, he could create magic. Growing up in rural Australia, Noah found great solace within the arts and from the age of eight he firmly declared his intention to become an actor and singer extraordinaire and hasn’t wavered since. 

A love of the stage developed early after starring in primary school pantomimes as both moustache-twirling villains and damsels in distress. To foster this growing creativity his family moved to Newcastle and he enrolled at Hunter School of the Performing arts. Following graduation, he was accepted into Charles Sturt University where he got to refine a wide variety of performance skills and obtained an Associate’s Degree in Stage and Screen. 

His roles at ACA include Torvald – A Doll’s House (dir. Francesca Savage), Toby Darling – The Inheritance (dir. Troy Harrison), Lorenzo – LOVE (dir. Amy Sole), Parolles – All’s Well That Ends Well (dir. Damien Ryan), Evan – Don’s Party (dir. Jonathan Mill), Horatio – Hamlet (dir. Anthony Skuse), Orton – Who’s Afraid of the Working Class (dir. Johann Walraven), and Achilles – The Iphigenia Quartet (dir. Claudia Barrie). 

Noah thrives within all aspects of performance and creative endeavours, including musical theatre, writing, directing, stage design and film making. During his time at ACA he directed and appeared in a production of Concord Floral by Jordan Tannahill and also wrote, filmed and produced several short films during COVID lockdowns. Noah is trained in musical theatre and jazz as a high baritone and has a great love of musical storytelling. 

Looking forward, Noah sees himself creating work for a global audience by bringing forward unique and honest performances on both stage and screen. 


Live Theatre Scene

Screen Tests