Takin It To The Streets

As a part of Dean Carey’s Acting Edge Program initiative, each year Dean will be providing 5 FREE ONLINE PROGRAMS to specific organizations around the world who are working with underprivileged youth interested in the performing arts.

ACA has sent 5 Online Programs to the Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH) who seek to advocate for the welfare of the Haitian Filmmakers and provide opportunities for low-income youth to further develop their creative skills and talents in arts. 5 Acting Edge Online Programs have also been donated to Yalari, an organization committed to educating and empowering indigenous youth in rural and remote communities

“On behalf of the board of directors of MPAH and the Haitian Movie Industry, I would like to thank you once again. We are really excited about this great opportunity for the Haitian actors and actresses. Thank you very much for supporting our association.”
Hans Patrick Domercant, Executive Director

Thank you for thinking of us here at Yalari. Our students are fortunate to have people of such generosity of spirit to support them on their journey.”
Susie Hunter, Indigenous Youth Leadership Program Manager

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