The ACA Company Unveils 2024 Season

The ACA Company Unveils an Exciting 2024 Season After a Successful 2023 Season of Bringing HSC Plays to the Stage 

Sydney, Sep 20th, 2023 — The ACA Company is delighted to announce its captivating 2024 season, specially crafted for high school audiences and featuring talented graduates of Actors Centre Australia. This exciting announcement builds upon the resounding success of the 2023 season, which left audiences spellbound, inspired students, and provided a unique platform for exploring a diverse array of thought-provoking works. 

In 2023, ACA’s commitment to excellence in the performing arts was evident through its curriculum-linked program. High school students were treated to top-class performances by professional actors, ACA alumni. These performances were not just entertaining but also thought-provoking, sparking discussions and enriching the educational journeys of the students. 

The 2023 season featured a remarkable line-up of productions that celebrated high quality dramatic writing for the theatre as well as showcasing the talents of ACA’s acting graduates. Audiences were enthralled by The Laramie Project, which delivered a compelling and deeply moving experience that left a lasting impact. The Removalists, a thought-provoking play that explores enduring societal issues, still captivated audiences 50 years after its premiere and was complemented by a live Q&A session, providing a unique opportunity for deeper insights. The Shape of Things delved into the intricacies of art, love, and transformation, featuring a live Q&A that enriched the experience. Finally, The Female of the Species provided a humorous yet insightful exploration of feminism, complete with a live Q&A session for engagement and discussion.

2024 Season Highlights: 

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House : 

Directed by Anthony Skuse, A Doll’s House, will be a centrepiece of ACA’s 2024 season. This timeless classic is a part of the Advanced Module B: Critical Study of Literature. Audiences can expect captivating performances, insightful storytelling, and an engaging live Q&A session that makes literature come alive on stage. 

Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot : 

Directed by Adam Cook, Waiting for Godot, will be another highlight of ACA’s 2024 season. This enigmatic and thought-provoking play is linked to Extension 1 Elective 2: Worlds of Upheaval, offering a unique opportunity for students to delve into the complexities of the human condition. 

As ACA unveils its 2024 season, theatre enthusiasts, educators, and students can look forward to a year filled with diverse productions that challenge, inspire, and ignite the imagination. ACA remains committed to providing unforgettable theatrical experiences that not only entertain but also enrich educational journeys. 

Additionally In 2024, ACA Company is excited to offer workshops for schools looking to delve deeper into the HSC texts. Our specialised workshop series empowers students for HSC success by enhancing their characterisation and physical performance skills. Led by seasoned industry professionals, our workshops seamlessly integrate theory and practical training, ensuring students stand out as exceptional performers. Teachers can enrol students today for an opportunity to shine brightly on the HSC stage. Workshops run for two hours at Actors Centre Australia or at the chosen school. Enquire here for quotes and more information: 

About Actors Centre Australia (ACA): Actors Centre Australia is an institution renowned for the quality of its actor training, dedicated to nurturing talent. With a mission to inspire and educate the next generation of artists, ACA has consistently pushed the boundaries of theatre and delivered outstanding productions that resonate with audiences of all ages.

For more information about ACA Company’s 2024 season, including specific production details, dates, and ticket availability, please visit or purchase tickets directly through the following links: 

Contact: Actors Centre Australia,, 02 9310 4077.

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