The Actors’ / Characters’ ATTENTION

“The question with all acting is: what is affecting the energy field of my character? In other words, what has captured my character’s attention and is sitting on their radar right now?

When an actor’s attention to this is keen and sharp, this sense of presence and fully ‘being with’ what ‘is’ for the character becomes an intoxicating place to be, for actor and character alike. This is precisely what our craft demands. Where am I? Right here. And what time is it? Right now. And what am I focused on? Fill in the blank.

This sense of immediacy – really seeing, listening and discerning – has great power in it. Like the old saying goes, ‘Want to be interesting onstage? Simply become interested.’ We can choose to place our focus on some ‘thing’ and become present and curious. We can also choose to place our focus on ‘someone’ and becoming equally as present and curious.

The term I use is ‘lock and load’ – we lock onto a target and we give ourselves permission – full permission – to embrace it with our senses. Why? So this incoming stimuli can ‘displace’ us physically, vocally, emotionally and in every way. For the stimulus IS the source of all that’s required for the job and task at hand, to motivate and transport us into a new world.”

Dean Carey

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