What is ACA Wheelhouse?

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The ACA Wheelhouse program includes projects and events outside of the teaching curriculum that focus on providing ACA students with real-world industry connections and experiences.

– providing students the facilities to self-devise and produce their own productions
– access to professional performances using ACA theatre or professional creatives using the space for writing and upcoming projects

Last year we saw Australian writer, director, actor Leah Purcell and her fellow writers working incredibly hard at ACA on the development of their latest project ‘The Drovers Wife Series’. This year Leah and her team at Oombarra Productions will share with the students a private screening, plus a Q&A session on the project and creative process.

Additionally, the first ACA Wheelhouse project for 2023 is an original piece, in production and being led by ACA third year student, John Tsakiris (the writer and director). His cast have been busy rehearsing over the festive break at ACA and we are thrilled to see the final result in March this year.

To be able to provide a safe and creative environment for our students, where they can devise and grow outside of their set curriculum is of high importance to us at ACA. In an era where creating your own work is something to be fostered, ACA Wheelhouse is set to lead the way.

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