Golden Rules of Acting

“The extraordinary British actor, Ian Holm, once said: “Anything you can do I can do less of”. What a fantastic way of reminding actors to trust: trust the text, trust the moment, trust the image, trust themselves, trust the audience. The interplay between trust and permission is of huge benefit to actors, once they begin […]

The Actor’s Joy and Delight

“Everything we experience in our lives comes from our precise relationship to the incoming stimulus itself: we hate it, we love it, we want more of it, we want less of it, we want this person in our lives or we want this person the hell out of our lives, this is a drain or […]

Relationships Rule

“There is nothing quite like that feeling of being in the wings, watching the play from the sidelines, and waiting to take that step onstage and to enter the fray, the combat zone of drama and of life. In fact it’s much more than a mere step, it’s actually a dramatic leap of faith. Actors […]

Time to Shine

“There are a few things I love activating within actors in the rehearsal environment: joy, wonder, and mischief. When actors plug into their joy, the character can truly shine. Wonder creates a deep curiosity in all things onstage and onscreen and produces particles of possibility in the air. And mischief sets the cat amongst the […]


“What’s not said onstage or onscreen has power and resonance, as much as what is actually uttered. Audiences respond and relate to this ‘silence’ so much as we are all creatures and observers of protocol: what’s right, what’s correct, what’s appropriate and what is not, what is allowed to be said and uttered and what […]

The Actors’ / Characters’ ATTENTION

“The question with all acting is: what is affecting the energy field of my character? In other words, what has captured my character’s attention and is sitting on their radar right now? When an actor’s attention to this is keen and sharp, this sense of presence and fully ‘being with’ what ‘is’ for the character […]

Personal Space and Boundaries Principles

“Inside the collective called a drama school company or an acting ensemble, a certain type of freedom can come from the fraternity experienced: freedom of communication and expression, release of instinct and impulse, removal of social boundaries and fears, and a call to become greater and more united as a group becomes possible. Like a […]

Flashpoint for Humanity

“We are all living at an extraordinary time in this world. Many beliefs, institutions, policies, systems, doctrines – are failing, and failing fast, and failing dramatically. We will be witnessing this more and more across the globe in the coming months and years. We are seeing the beginning of what could very well be (and […]

11 Questions with Dean Carey

Tell us a little about your journey? I began as an actor in The Sullivans way back in 1977. Then lurked around the sets of PRISONER and SKYWAYS and COP SHOP and learnt as much as I could about acting. I soon became intrigued by the culture of creativity itself and the conditions required for […]

Training Matters

“If you are serious about making acting your chosen career, then vocational industry training is extremely important. Where you train, how you are trained, and what the training consists of, should all be considered. Even though over 200 graduates are released into the industry each year, it all comes down to what happens when the red light […]