“Imagine waking up tomorrow and finding all acting and actors have been banned in your country, a particular country or indeed worldwide. Every actor is now out of work and there is no film, no TV, no theatre, no voice overs, no street performance – zip. Take a moment to get your head around that […]

Why this industry?

“Theatre, film and TV give the world’s population not only a mirror to who we are but a conduit into connecting with our own intrinsic humanity: showcasing the best and the worst of the species, the insane and the angelic. What other space in our world offers this deep and acute sense of self-reflection? I have always believed that […]

The Good and the Great of ‘Breaking Bad’ – the final EP.

“The thrill of blurring the lines that shows characters act as they need to, not as they choose to. ‘Breaking Bad’ – the final frontier… ” As the last image of the last episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ burned into my retina, I saw a man relieved. Walt could finally lay down his heavy load and […]

Takin It To The Streets

As a part of Dean Carey’s Acting Edge Program initiative, each year Dean will be providing 5 FREE ONLINE PROGRAMS to specific organizations around the world who are working with underprivileged youth interested in the performing arts. ACA has sent 5 Online Programs to the Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH) who seek to advocate for […]

3 contributing factors to achieving artistic education of excellence

3 Contributing Factors to Achieving Artistic Education of Excellence: “For almost 40 years of my teaching life, I have been both fascinated and intrigued by what inhibits and what releases an indivudual’s deepest creative drive and achievement. What are the key contributors and/or conspirators which allow someone to step into their rich inner resources and huge untapped potential? 3 essential factors come to mind: […]

Just Press P-L-A-Y. . .

“Characters live almost entirely in stretch zones because their rules of engagement (given circumstances) are changing and changing dramatically, either for them or against them. These stretch zones are powerful as they are made up of moments of huge flux, change and transformation. Zeroing in on where these stretch zones of life reside, it’s within […]

Leaving our comfort zone and entering the stretch zone…

“There’s a reason they are called ‘plays’. There’s also a reason actors are called ‘players’. At the heart of all we do in this game of acting, directing, producing and creating live events, is the basic foundation stone without which, not much is possible – the permission to play… It can sound so simple, so glib perhaps, but […]