Student Profile : Meet Storme Bauchop

There is so much talent in the building at ACA HQ and we wanted you to have the opportunity to get to know our students.
Please enjoy this ‘Student Profile’ in our ACA Current Student series.

Name: Storme Bauchop
From: Cottesloe, Western Australia
Graduating class of 2022

What made you apply to ACA?
Mainly the teaching facility, being able to work with practitioners that are some of the best in the industry. I had heard through coaches and friends how wonderful of a community ACA was and applied from there.

What’s the best part of your week at ACA?
Suzuki with Shy Magsalin, The Suzuki Method of training actors focuses on six basic physical exercises, it’s demanding physically because its so rigours and specific. Definitely I felt pushed to my limits each week, but I enjoyed rising to the challenge and feeling stronger as the weeks went on.

What’s your Fav show at ACA (that you’ve performed in)?
Anna Karenina directed by Clara Voda, I got stuck interstate with covid and had to learn the whole production in four hours before tech. The costumes, the set and the snow machine made it very special to start our final year of drama school with that performance. Clara is a fantastic director to work under and I cherished every minute learning from her.

Fav show at ACA that you’ve seen?
I have so many, but Rockstars is always a favourite.

What advice would you give to someone auditioning for ACA?
Go and see as much theatre as humanly possibly, find out what work inspires you, which directors you lean into more. See movies, find little indie cinemas and try to expand yourself to a wide array of performances. When it comes to auditioning find yourself a mentor or great acting coach to work with, someone that has gone through the process before and can give you insight into the process and help guide you.

What type of career do you hope to build post-graduation?
Screen acting but would also love to work with a movement company.

What actor inspires you?
Florence Pugh, Heath Ledger and Isla Fisher

What are you currently rehearsing and what role?
Incendiary by Adam Szymkowicz for our graduation showcase.

What skill (element of your performance) are you working on and hope to nail before graduation?
What’s beautiful about acting is that you never really finished working on your craft, I hope I can create a beautiful insight to the characters life on stage.

Thanks Storme, we wish you the very best with your showcase and look forward to seeing you succeed post graduation.

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