Student Profile : Meet Josh Merten

There is so much talent in the building at ACA HQ and we wanted you to have the opportunity to get to know our students, outside of their performances.

Please enjoy this ‘Student Profile’ in our ACA Current Student series.


Name: Josh Merten
From: Sydney
Graduating class of 2023

What made you apply to ACA?
One of the main things that drew me to ACA’s program was that it focused on a mix of both stage and screen, and not one or the other. Some of the other established schools in Sydney are traditionally theatre-based, however, I found that ACA offered training in a broader scope of performance techniques.

What’s the best part of your week at ACA?
Improvisation and Camera are my favourite subjects at the moment. Camera is excitingly practical and I love the focus on humanity in performance. Improvisation with the wonderful Lyn Pierse is always a joy and always a great learning curve.

What’s your Fav show at ACA (that you’ve performed in)?
Three Sisters directed by Anthony Skuse was a fantastic show to be a part of. Despite not being the biggest fan of Chekhov, this show was an invaluable opportunity to explore the realism of relationships and depth of character. I also had the best time with that wonderful cast in the rehearsal room.

Fav show at ACA that you’ve seen?
The most recent grad shows included Love and Information by Caryl Churchill which was a huge feat of design and a display of the ever-impressive 2022 graduating cohort. This show had everything.

What advice would you give to someone auditioning for ACA?
Try out some contemporary Aussie monologues and traditional pieces that they may not expect. Where you can, find things that speak to your own experience — you’ll enjoy preparing them more.

What type of career do you hope to build post-graduation?
I hope to work with some stability when I finish my course, whether that be auditioning for a theatre company or for Poetry in Action. My biggest passion is screen acting though, and I will do whatever I can to make a career in film or TV.

What are you currently rehearsing?
Right now in second year we are working on our Shakespeare productions

Thanks Josh, we can’t wait to see you shine over the next 2 years!

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