Why this industry?

“Theatre, film and TV give the world’s population not only a mirror to who we are but a conduit into connecting with our own intrinsic humanity: showcasing the best and the worst of the species, the insane and the angelic. What other space in our world offers this deep and acute sense of self-reflection?

I have always believed that 95% of the population most likely have many of their most meaningful life experiences and revelations inside a darkened theatre or cinema. How extraordinary is that as a notion? I take this context with me into every class and it was the reason I began ACA. To shine a light onto who we are and who we could be, is the name of the game.

Actors have an enormous responsibility and role to play, now and for all time. With this and only this in mind, we train, we learn, we grow, we risk and we focus all of our energies on what it means to be alive on this planet, spinning in space. All of our combined energies – through every role we play and every job we take on – show life as it is but more essentially, what it may become.

It is an honour to be an actor and a creative artist, to work in this industry we love and are dedicated to, and to follow the call to enliven the soul of society…”

Dean Carey

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